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What Is an Online Payment Solution?


An online payments solution allows you to accept customer credit card payments online securely.


RENELE is an online payments solution that combines two essential e-commerce requirements, an Internet merchant account, and a payment gateway, which allow your business to accept online customer payments safely.


The Best Choice for You and Your Customers
RENELE makes sure that customer credit card details are transmitted between your bank, the customer’s bank and the credit card schemes in a highly secure compliant manner. This is a win-win for you and your customers. Your business doesn’t have access to full customer credit card details, which reduces business risk for you, and it helps to reassure customers and reduce online fraud.


More Payment Choices
RENELE gives your customers more payment choices (BCAcard, BCA KlikPay, JCB, Mandiri ClickPay, MasterCard, and Visa) and it allows them to make a purchase online straight away, which can help you convert more sales.


RENELE Offers You:


How RENELE Works

RENELE brings together two essential elements:


When a customer proceeds to checkout, RENELE securely transmits the details of the request between your website, the banks and the credit card providers involved. Typically, in just a few seconds, you and the customer get confirmation of whether an online purchase has been successful.

Increase Brand Recognition & Reliability


Having a global payment platform that offers reliability, affordability and quality of services is something we provide day and night. Enjoy your success with RENELE now.

Enjoy Your Competitive Advantage Now with RENELE

If you are looking at expanding your business on the Internet and wish to reach out to as many customers as possible, RENELE is the right solution for you.


A Single Low Rate

No cancellation fees, monthly minimums or other hidden fees. Take advantage of some of the lowest rates available today. Pay-flow costs just $0.10 per transaction.


A Good Fit

Pay securely. Here, there, anywhere.


More Options = More Sales

Accept all major credit and debit cards, plus get incremental sales by offering RENELE payment options to your customers at no extra cost to you. Our mobile optimized checkout allows customers to shop with you from their smartphones.


Every Line Is the Express Line

Order ahead and be ready to go before you walk in the door. Pay the check before the server can bring it to you. No lines, no signing. Just a simple, secure way to pay when you're out in the world.

Simply invented.

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Which payment methods does RENELE integrate with?

BCAcard, BCA KlikPay, JCB, Mandiri ClickPay, MasterCards, and Visa



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