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Supported Payment Methods

RENELE supports payments from a number of credit cards and payment methods – including BCAcard, BCA KlikPay, JCB, Mandiri ClickPay, MasterCard, and Visa.

With RENELE you can accept payments from credit cards issued in Indonesia or overseas. This allows you to sell to international customers.


How RENELE Works


A payment gateway is a service that sends credit card information from a website to the credit card payment networks for processing,and returns transaction details and responses from the payment networks back to the website.

Depending on which of our payment gateway options you choose, credit card information is sent either from a checkout page hosted by RENELE, or from a checkout page hosted on your own website

Enjoy Your Competitive Advantage Now with RENELE

If you are looking at expanding your business on the Internet and wish to reach out to as many customers as possible, RENELE is the right solution for you.


One Gateway for Various Payments

RENELE is a payment gateway solution that enables you to accept customer payment from credit cards, debit cards and Internet banking, all under one roof.


Savings on Infrastructure

You do not have to invest in infrastructure, security and IT for a payment gateway of your won, to accept payments on your website.


Payment Alerts

You receive alerts via email for every transaction conducted on your website.


Overnight Integration

The integration is an uncomplicated process that can even be completed within one single day.

Simply invented.

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Which payment methods does RENELE integrate with?

BCAcard, BCA KlikPay, JCB, Mandiri ClickPay, MasterCards, and Visa



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